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About our logo

In today’s visual world, a logo goes beyond being just an image. It is a powerful symbol that communicates the essence and values of our company.

Main Figure

The symbol 1🌎1 in our Logo is meant to emphasize the uniqueness of our only known and shared home; The Earth. It reminds us that this planet is the only place we know where humanity can thrive and coexist with other life forms. This message underscores the importance and shared responsibility of preserving and protecting our common home, with the intention of fostering environmental awareness and global unity.

The happy World

In our logo, "Our Happy World" is making the victory sign with its right hand, symbolizing the start of a triumphant era of peace over war. In a clear call for unity and peace for all, Our Happy World is dressed in a white t-shirt of our own design, as a symbol of Peace and harmony, with our design and message; 1🌎1 TOGETHER. Also at the center, it features a symbol that advocates for world peace, reinforcing the idea that the Earth should not be a battleground under any circumstances. It's a reminder that humanity must eradicate war to preserve this unique and precious planet as a sanctuary of peace, prosperity, and harmony for present and future generations.

The Hats

The choice of hats on the number ones (1) in our logo illustrates the fusion of East and West, referencing the direction of the sunrise and sunset. By deliberately altering the orientation of the hats, challenging geographical positions, we symbolize the integration of cultures and the celebration of diversity. This gesture reflects our willingness to adapt and embrace the wealth of perspectives that come from different traditions, promoting intercultural harmony and mutual respect.

The Ants

The choice of the ants in our logo was no accident; with them, we wanted to highlight and represent their unwavering commitment to teamwork and collaboration. Despite their sizes or the origins, ants demonstrate total dedication to fulfilling their responsibilities no matter the obstacles. Each one plays a specific role but they willing to adapt to achieve the common good of the group. This collective and cooperative approach reflects the importance of each individual in a collaborative system, where the diversity of roles and sizes mirrors the diversity of humanity.

Ant 1 (Nurse)

Our first ant, representing a nurse, personifies dedication and care for people’s health, with a distinctive cap covering its hair as a symbol of hygiene and It represents the effort and calling that have led to becoming a health professional. The cap contains both the Red Crescent and the Red Cross, reflecting the religious diversity and inclusion of the Red Crescent and Red Cross Global Movement. These symbols represent their humanitarian commitment, voluntary service, independence, universality, neutrality, and impartiality towards all people, regardless of race, religion, or citizenship.

Ant 2 (Wheelchair User with Glasses)

Our second ant, who uses a wheelchair and glasses, respectfully illustrates the millions of people worldwide facing mobility challenges, with some needing to use wheelchairs for autonomous movement. This highlights the importance of inclusion and diversity by recognizing the range of experiences and abilities within our global society. Adding glasses to this ant emphasizes the significant impact that visual correction has on the daily lives , on approximately one-third of the world’s population, showing solidarity and empathy towards those requiring visual aids for clear and detailed vision. This sensitive and empathetic representation seeks to foster acceptance and mutual understanding among people, celebrating diversity as an integral part of our global community.

Ant - 3 (Mother and Daughters)

Our third ant represents a mother, embodying values such as patience, dedication, sacrifice, and love. She has given birth to two little ants symbolizing future generations. These young ants are carried by their mother, demonstrating inherent maternal care and protection. The mother, holding the future of new generations on her shoulders, illustrates the essentiality of mothers in the survival of all species, highlighting their fundamental value and crucial role in creating and sustaining life.

Ant - 4

Our fourth ant, characterized by her blonde hair, uniquely represents fair-skinned individuals who share this hair color, celebrating the diversity and beautiful variety of colors in our society.

Ant - 5 (Afrodescendant)

Our fifth ant, with afro-textured and dark hair, elegantly honors individuals of African descent who proudly carry this hair type, reflecting the diversity and beauty of skin pigmentation in our global community.

Ant - 6 (Namasté - Ant of Indian Origin)

Our sixth ant is a tribute to the rich spiritual and cultural tradition of India. This distinctive ant represents the ‘Namasté’ gesture, a reverential greeting that transcends borders and has become a symbol of hospitality and respect worldwide. Namasté, meaning ‘I bow to you’, is expressed through the ant’s posture with palms joined in añjali mudrā in front of the chest, accompanied by a slight bow of the head. This gesture, rooted in the practices of Hinduism and yoga, acknowledges the divine spark within all beings and highlights the convergence between religious cultures. In our logo, the Indian-origin ant not only greets with this ancient gesture, symbolizing both honor and respectful approach, but also epitomizes the values of unity, respect, and soul-to-soul connection that we aspire to reflect in our brand.

Ant - 7 (Judaism and Emigration)

Our seventh ant embodies the cultural and historical richness of Judaism, the oldest of the Abrahamic religions, highlighting the tradition and spirituality associated with Abraham and Moses. Additionally, we include the symbol of a long stick with a cloth tied at the end forming a bag, we wanted to represent migration, a natural phenomenon that we and many other people and species have undertaken in search of new opportunities, fleeing conflicts, or seeking protection. It reminds us of the diversity and different reasons behind migratory movements that happens across our planet.

TOGETHER - TOGETHER: The Word and its why​

Our word "TOGETHER" / "JUNTOS" represents the main pillar of our logo, symbolizing the unity and cooperation essential to reach our greatest potential as a human species. It is the solid foundation upon which our ants walk in our logo, holding up the concept and idea that working together, closely collaborating, and moving forward in unison is the main key to achieving more ambitious goals and collective well-being for all humanity. This message, encapsulated in "ONE WORLD ONE TOGETHER / JUNTOS", highlights that joint effort is the path to a brighter destiny and significant progress for the common good of all.

Explanation of the letters

Letter "T" - A New Horizon

In our representation, the letter “T” symbolizes the frontier of our future and the main challenge that awaits us, which is why we placed a white human figure within its outline, looking towards the stars and the universe to point out our next great challenge for humanity. Space travel involves deep mathematical, physical, chemical, and technological aspects that test our collective capacity. This simple gesture embodies our determination to explore the unknown, understand our destiny, and embrace a challenging and exciting future. From the early space travels and When on April 12, 1961; the Soviet Union began the era of Space Flights, Inaugurated by Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin (1934-1968), the First human to Orbit the Earth for Approximately 108 Minutes in the Vostok-1 Capsule, to the current exploration, human curiosity and insatiable thirst for knowledge prepare us to face an unprecedented future. In our journey into the unknown, only by working together we can reach new heights and answer the fundamental questions of our universe. Together, we embrace the challenge of the Cosmos!

Letter "O" - Balance and Duality

Our letter “O” is associated with Yin and Yang, a philosophical principle that explains complementary duality in the universe. This represents the opposing yet interconnected forces that coexist in harmony. The dynamic balance between Yin and Yang underscores the significance of duality. This duality is essential for understanding the interconnectedness of all things and the ongoing transformation in the universe.

Letter "G" - Call for Peace

Through this letter “G,” we reaffirm our unwavering commitment to the promotion of peace worldwide, urging reconciliation among nations, individuals, and in every corner of our planet. We believe that peace is a fundamental and indispensable pillar for our collective existence. It is a well-known fact that in no war are there winners; all parties end up losing, and no conflict truly resolves anything. It only leads to losses for all involved, including those not directly engaged in the conflict. For this reason, we have decided to associate the iconic symbol of “Nuclear Disarmament” with our letter “G,” representing global peace and harmony in our society.

Letter "E" - Recycling and Sustainability

In our letter “E”, we emphasize the importance of recycling by incorporating the iconic green recycling symbol into its design. This international symbol represents the three “R’s”: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, with each arrow symbolizing one of these fundamental phases. Designed in 1971 by Gary Anderson, the Möbius strip-shaped symbol symbolizes the continuous cycle of sustainability. The presence of this symbol serves to remind us of the need to care for our planet through responsible consumption and recycling practices.

Letter "T" - Gender Diversity

In our second letter “T”, we have incorporated a fusion of gender symbols to celebrate diversity and promote acceptance of all gender identities. The traditional gender symbols (♀ and ♂) are combined with the transgender symbol (⚧) and the Bigender symbol (⚥), representing a platform of total inclusion and respect for all forms of self-conception of gender identity. This choice symbolizes our firm belief in diversity and the unconditional acceptance of all gender identities.

Letters "H" and "E" - Heart and Butterfly

The letters “H” and “E” in our logo come together through the fusion of two significant symbols: the heart and the butterfly. The heart (❤️) symbolizes love, courage, and deep feelings, while the butterfly (🦋) represents beauty, transformation, and resilience. The butterfly, with its inspiring metamorphosis, reminds us of perseverance and the ability to overcome challenges. This design encourages us to rise up, spread our wings, and seek beauty and freedom in our surroundings, symbolizing the constant cycle of transformation and the potential for fearless growth in our lives. The butterfly teaches us that change can be a wonderful journey full of hope.

Letter "R" - Rainbow of Hope

In our letter “R,” the last of our symbolic word “TOGETHER” that defines our identity and message, we incorporate “The rainbow 🌈 witch’s a fascinating and beautiful natural phenomenon that occurs when sunlight is broken down into a spectrum of colors as it passes through raindrops in the atmosphere. This multicolored arc in the sky has been interpreted throughout history as a symbol of hope, peace, renewal, and diversity. The rainbow is considered a bridge between the divine and the earthly, a message of promise and beauty after the storm. It represents the idea that after dark and difficult times, there is always light and bright colors that guide us towards a better future. Furthermore, the rainbow symbolizes diversity and inclusion, showing the beauty that arises from the combination of different colors and elements. It is a reminder that variety and the unity of different aspects enrich our lives and make us stronger as a society. In summary, the rainbow is a universal symbol of hope, beauty, diversity, inclusion, and renewal, reminding us of the importance of maintaining faith in difficult times and inviting us to celebrate the variety and harmony in the world around us.

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